Creative Direction/Copy - Web

Universal Audio is an amazing company. They perfectly recreate the most legendary recording equipment digitally. So you can actually record in the same recording environment as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Sting...but in your bedroom. At one one-hundreth of the cost. 

Their problem was, they were not explaining this as simply as I just did. Professional producers and engineers totally got it, in a nano-second. But Universal Audio was missing the step about telling drones like you and me that their stuff can make our little demos sound like records.

It's so easy to confuse features (like "combined boost/cut resonant shelf dip") with benefits that make us swoon (like "silky highs and thunderous lows"). I created digital ads to nab songwriters at websites like Sweetwater and Guitar Center and bring them to UA's product page.

Then I rewrote and redesigned their product page to go a little easier on the big words and a bit hotter on what it's like for the user ("Now you can..."). It's even more powerful because these claims are absolutely true.  

Because their products are so indispensable, producers and artists love to rave about them. And Universal Audio's video team is unsurpassed (IMHO) in presenting these irresistible testimonies. It's why we use a lot of them.

We also put in lots of simple audio examples to train the ears of non-pros. And lots of pros, too. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.56.09 PM.png

The final step is offering songwriters and producers a simple way to buy the exact equipment that was used on their favorite albums - for a smidgen of the cost. Here, if I wanted to, I could recreate the acoustic environment for Aretha Franklin's "Respect". It's a candy store for people with this unfortunate addiction. 

But even fanatics have their limits. Let's go look at another story.