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Corporate Voice and Style Guide

After your product imagery, your copy voice is what consumers will remember most. I use a fast (and sometimes even enjoyable) process for getting consensus from stakeholders and channeling your most likable and persuasive messaging. 



Collateral and POS/OOH

Brochures, product displays and in-store-digital speak directly to your customers as they're deciding. There's no more powerful transactional moment. 





Even though you FastForward>> through commercials, a hundred million Americans still watch them. And they rely on talk radio. And they page through People Magazine in the checkout line. I spent years at major agencies sharpening these tools. Let me wield them on your behalf.



Web/Social Media/Email

Some of today's most effective writing is being done on the web: nimble and strong. The same principles apply in Facebook posts and email. One great subject line can be worth a thousand pictures.



Speeches and Presentations

Great leaders are not necessarily great writers. I've helped some mighty CEO's rally the troops and activate sales forces.



Matchbook Covers/Blimps/Postcards/Race-cars

The medium changes but the rules don't: make it fast, make it personal, make it irresistible.