Creative Direction/Concept/Copy - Print/POS

Five years ago, all the pro digital pianos that actually sounded and felt like a real piano weighed 75 pounds and cost $2000. and up. From out of nowhere, Casio invented one that weighed 24 pounds and cost 800 bucks. But they were running ads (see below) that didn't SHOUT THIS OUT LOUD.   

I reviewed the the Privia PX-3 before its release and it knocked me out so much I cold-called the Marketing Director and begged him to let me be part of the intro team. Casio flew me to Nashville where I demonstrated the PX-3 at the NAMM show and then begged them to run ads that told the world about this monster invention that weighed 24 and cost 800 bucks.

Turns out that ALL the Casio Privia's were mind-bogglingly fantastic and cheap and light. There were a couple competitors on the market that came close - but no cigar.  Sadly, store salespeople didn't always send customers down the right road. So I made some POS pieces that fit right on the piano's music stand. Un-ignorable.